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Working with a customer to develop training often uncovers related issues that can be addressed at the same time. When developing a new course, for example, it is common for HTS to also develop reference manuals and/or online help facilities that students can use when they are back on the job.

Other services that we can provide to clients include the following:

  • Course delivery — If you do not have personnel in-house that are capable (or available) to teach classroom-based courses, HTS personnel can do this for you. We have extensive experience delivering seminars on complex, computer-related tasks.
  • Course maintenance — Most IT-related courses are obsolete within a few years of their release, making on-going maintenance a key job of any training department. In addition to developing new courses, HTS will also update, repurpose, or replace courses that were written by others.
  • Marketing demos — For most software vendors, letting the potential customer take the product for a test drive is a key part of the sales cycle. Rather then letting the customer install — and run amok — with a full version, let HTS develop a scripted walk-through using the detailed simulation capabilities of EasyTutor. This guarantees the customer sees the features you want to advertise, while keeping the process controlled. By making the simulation available from your web site, you may be able to skip the try-out phase entirely, greatly shortening the sales cycle.
  • Course evaluation — HTS personnel will evaluate existing courses or those currently in development to determine their technical accuracy and educational merit.
  • Standards development — After experiencing HTS's Course Development Methodology and the quality of our deliverables, organizations have used our expertise to help write standards and procedures for future courses that they plan to develop using their own personnel.
  • Web development and programming — The nature of our product means that we have experts in the following languages and technologies:
    • HTML
    • JavaScript
    • Ajax
    • Java
    • SQL, MySQL and DB2
    • Java frameworks, including Hibernate and Spring
    • Servers, including Apache, Tomcat, and the IBM i integrated servers

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