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The primary business of Hansen Training Systems (HTS) is course development, which we do extremely well. We specialize in web-based courses (eLearning) for IT professionals and end-users. We have a well-earned reputation as the company to call when the material is complex and the schedule is tight.

For a typical project, our starting point might be the functional specifications for a yet-to-be-written software product, or it might be an existing course that is now out of date. The audience might include end users, computer operators, application programmers, or system administrators. The subject might include hardware or software and range from elementary concepts to complex system performance-tuning tasks. The end products might include text, video, audio, lecture notes, lab problems, computer-based training (CBT), web-delivered lessons, or any combination. In our 40 years of business, we've done it all and the result has always been the same: successfully trained employees and extremely satisfied clients.

If you select HTS to develop courses for your organization, we recommend using our successful Course Development Methodology. This is a documented process for delivering the training you need within budget and on the schedule you specify.

If you examine our list of past accomplishments (Courses Developed), you'll see that the history of HTS and the history of IT training are forever intertwined. HTS personnel were there at the beginning, writing the first multimedia courses for operators and programmers of IBM's System/360 and System/370 machines. Soon after, we developed training for the users of the first stand-alone word processing systems (from Wang Laboratories and The CPT Corporation). We literally wrote the standards and set the bar for those who followed. Among our other significant accomplishments are the following:

  • In 1982, HTS was the first training vendor to develop new text/video courses for SRA, a subsidiary of IBM that was given responsible for all of IBM's mainframe self-study courses. Before then, vendors were only allowed to convert existing IBM materials to the new text/video format.
  • With its first project for SRA, HTS was the first SRA vendor to work directly with an IBM development lab, using IBM's internal functional specifications to create courses supporting a new product (the VS COBOL II compiler) while the IBM programmers were still writing the code.
  • In 1985, HTS was the first SRA vendor to develop computer-based exercises. From the very beginning, we went beyond traditional multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank exercises to accurately simulating the students' work environment (in this case, IBM's VM/CMS interface).
  • In 1988, HTS was the first (and, to our knowledge, remains the only) training vendor to develop its own CBT/WBT authoring system (EasyTutor) in order to integrate system simulations into its courses. HTS now licenses the EasyTutor authoring system to other training development organizations.
  • In 1991, HTS was the first training vendor to develop a stand-alone simulator of an IBM mainframe system (the ES/9000 hardware management console).
  • In 1994, HTS successfully spun off a sister company, Manta Technologies Inc., to sell its AS/400 courses directly to user companies. Today, Manta trains more IBM i professionals than anyone, with the possible exception of IBM itself.
  • Manta's web-based training delivery system, called MantaNow, is based on EasyTutor and uses the EasyTutor Learning Management System for delivering training to customers worldwide.

As IT and IT training continue to evolve, one thing is certain. Hansen Training Systems will be there to lead the way.

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