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The EasyTutor Learning Management System (LMS) provides additional support for organizations that develop EasyTutor courses and their students. Unlike other systems that are commercially available, the EasyTutor LMS was also designed to reflect the needs of an online training vendor. As a result, it provided two types of functions:

  • Those used by the students' organizations to track, control, and report student progress and performance
  • Those used by the vendor to control license usage

Even without the LMS, EasyTutor courses have the ability to display exam summary screens that report a student's performance on an exam and route the student to remedial lessons. Bookmarks are taken automatically so that students can return to their most recent points within a session.

With the LMS, a student can create any number of bookmarks. These are global, letting a student begin a course at work and finish it at home. Menus are colored-coded to distinguish between courses not started, courses in progress, and courses completed. In addition, the LMS lets authorized Training Administrators within the student's organization do the following:

  • Create, update, and delete student profiles that assign the student a user ID and password and identify those with administration authority.
  • Create custom menus for individual students or groups of students (such as all computer operators) to limit what courses are available and recommend a preferred sequence.
  • Generate reports showing which courses a student has completed and the student's progress within unfinished courses. Student reports can also show exam results.
  • Generate reports showing all students who have taken a specified course or exam.
  • Check the status of the organization's course licenses.

The functions available to vendors implement a concurrent user license environment, in which each customer purchases a license that restricts the number of students who may be active at any one time during a specified term. Separate licenses may be sold for each course and/or three levels of packages:

  • A series, which includes multiple courses covering a single topic (such as a programming language)
  • A combination package, which includes multiple courses covering multiple topics
  • A library, which includes all courses offered by the vendor

Click any of the following links for additional information:

  • The EasyTutor Authoring System — for information about the EasyTutor language and the basic course delivery system
  • Download — to download the EasyTutor General Information manual, which includes the information found on this web site plus descriptions and examples of all 13 EasyTutor screen types.
  • Sample Session — to take a sample session that uses EasyTutor

You can also contact HTS for an online demonstration of EasyTutor's many capabilities.

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