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EasyTutorTM is Hansen Training System's proprietary eLearning authoring system. We developed the first version in 1988 after years of frustration using commercially available products, which were not designed to handle the detailed screen simulations that are a standard part of our courses. Using EasyTutor, we routinely develop complex simulations in half the time that others need for courses that use only simple multiple-choice questions.

All HTS web-based courses use EasyTutor. You can also license it for courses that you wish to develop in-house. Four licensing options are available:

  • EasyTutor with HTS Hosting
  • EasyTutor with Customer Hosting
  • EasyTutor LMS Edition with HTS Hosting
  • EasyTutor LMS Edition with Customer Hosting

As you can see, there are two basic choices you need to make: whether you want HTS to host the delivery of courses and whether you want to use the optional EasyTutor Learning Management System (LMS). Hosting the LMS yourself requires a Tomcat-compatible application server and an SQL database manager. Without the LMS, only an Apache-compatible server is required.

In all cases, customers receive the EasyTutor Development Kit, which includes the following:

  • Complete documentation for the EasyTutor components you will be using
  • EasyTutor examples and snippets
  • The EasyTutor sessionBuilder program, which pre-processes scripts for distribution
  • Programs used to convert captured screens into a useable format
  • Programs used to transform course scripts into printable handouts and other useful documents

Click any of the following links for additional information:

  • The EasyTutor Authoring System — for information about the EasyTutor language and the basic course delivery system
  • The EasyTutor Learning Management System — for information about the EasyTutor LMS
  • Download — to download the EasyTutor General Information manual, which includes the information found on this web site plus descriptions and examples of all 13 EasyTutor screen types.
  • Sample Session — to take a sample session that uses EasyTutor

The sample session comes from a Using Web Query course that HTS wrote for Manta Technologies.

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