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Providing Quality Training for the IT Industry Since 1980

Hansen Training Systems, Inc.(HTS) develops custom courseware for the computer industry. Our extensive list of courses developed reads like a history of computing. Not only were HTS personnel there at the beginning, we were among the key innovators of new training techniques,leading the way from self-study textbooks to multimedia training (using text, audio, video, and lab exercises) to computer-based and computer-managed training to today's eLearning. As a primary developer to the computer training industry, HTS literally set the standards for major training vendors, including Deltak Inc., IBM's Science Research Associates (SRA), and Manta Technologies Inc.

Using HTS's course development methodology, our developers pride themselves on teaching job-related skills, which often differ significantly from the skill requirements promised by hardware and software vendors. We teach to the reality; not to the reference manuals. Key to the success of this approach is embedding exercises within the training that let students practice tasks such as entering commands and responding to real-world situations. When no existing authoring system provided the tools needed to create such simulations, HTS wrote its own. To this day, EasyTutorTM is the only eLearning authoring system capable of both demonstrating human/computer interactions and letting the student practice such interactions in a controlled environment.

While HTS can take your complete project from start to finish, it is also here to help if your organization wishes to develop its own training. You can license EasyTutor for you own use, serving eLearning sessions from your own server or HTS's cloud server. In addition, HTS provides services that you can use to leverage your own resources. From EasyTutor training to standards development and course reviews, HTS's 40 years of successful experience is at your disposal.

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